Monday, January 06, 2014

Anonymous Architects have designed the Car Park House, a private residence located in the Echo Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles, California. The original canvas was a vacant lot on the side of a rather steep hill. The architects placed the carport on the roof of the house and the residence below, resulting in a dramatic shift of expectations.

From the architects: This inversion moves the typical ground floor of the house up on the roof and makes the simple act of arriving home and driving onto the roof of the house – a surprise every time.

The roof is also usable as deck space and has unobstructed views of the San Gabriel Mountains, which are to the Northeast of Los Angeles.

Because of the steep terrain the house is designed to float over the hillside. This reduces the amount of foundation required and also means that the only way to access the house is over the bridge – so it is truly a floating structure.

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