Monday, June 17, 2013

One day, on the train there is a young man with his father. The young man was a 24-year-old, old enough of course.

On the train, the young man looked out the train window, then said to his father. "Daddy look, the trees are running"

A young couple sitting close together. Both saw the boy 24 years earlier with pity. How does, for the size of his age, the behavior of young men look so childish.

However, as no matter, the young man suddenly spoke again with antusiasny, "Dad, look at the clouds are following us!"

The young couples looked impatiently, and said to the father of the young man. "Why don't you take your son to a good doctor?"

The father just smiled, then said. "I'am, and in fact we just got out of the hospital. My son was formerly blind since childhood, and he gained his sight today"


Friends, every human being on this planet has their story. Do not direct us to judge someone before we know is true. Because the truth may surprise us. Always assume good faith to everyone, because it's your prophet taught, and that's a good way to live...

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