Thursday, March 07, 2013

When something good happens, it's easy to say "something happen because of a reason ...!!!"

Different if it was bad and annoying, incessant we ask "why is this happening ...??"

Not only the events, the people we meet every day, are also present as a reason and that reason is always positive if we want to think in process, not only of the result only.

Often we had to deal with a painful situation, and felt met with wrong people. Some people choose to forget and don't want to know the bad things that, while others could not receive the State by demanding compensation and vent anger or revenge.

"How many people can come to terms with the pain and realizing it as a process ...?"

Pain, sorrow and disappointment is not something to be forgotten, nor to be removed by revenge. The best way to through it is by receiving and processing the adverse feeling into something of a self building. Even the bad things had actually helped shape a person's mindset and wisdom in the face of something.

In an abundance probably never occurred to conserve and utilize their function more efficiently. A sense of helplessness because of limitations is painful, it is often underestimated and should resist the urge because it could not afford.

But if it's seen as a process, the circumstances that constitute a lifestyle that is more efficient, simple and cost effective. In time, when success in hand, we can be an abundant lifestyle the wiser.

Interact with the wrong person will cause disappointment and loss. But it also reminds people that we should not apply the same to others.

It became a way for us to learn how to behave in times of disappointment and annoyance. Faith and life principles are truly tested in such things, make us become a more mature.


Stop sinking and angry because of something bad, smile because you're getting one more lesson and a new experience.

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