Saturday, January 19, 2013

When there was a someone who expresses love in You, You might just turn it down. Although the time You're on your own, but still not a word spoken from your mouth. Choose a job any way. You may refuse the easy job with lucrative salary.

Your friends might wonder. Some even say you are the strangest people. They start bitching and think you're dumb. Because opportunities don't always come twice.

Don't mind them. Only you who understand yourself. What you want and need. When you select something, it's because you need and want it. Assessment of something automatically be tailored to what you need. That's how the brain and the feeling you're walking.

When looking at clothes for example, you are very fond of the color blue. Once it's all blue shirt looks best to you. And indeed that is exactly what You need.

What you choose is indeed that's what you need at the moment. No more listening to the babble friends who do not give a positive advice. Just trust yourself. Your instinct will make your life more vibrant.

Hopefully useful and can be learned...

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