Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ladies and gentleman: Let me present you, AKB0048, the first anime since years who made it into my favourite anime after i had a bit disepointed with Avatar: The legend of Korra b'coz it's not as good as the first series Avatar: The Legend of Aang.

Now, many of you will probably ask yourself: “What, AKB0048? Never heard of it, and besides, it’s not even popular” Yeah, I know. I was also very sceptical about AKB0048, which purpose is basically promoting the real life idol group AKB48.

I mean, the basic setting is: entertainment is entirely forbidden in the whole galaxy and some space idols are going to give guerilla concerts on the planets and fight the no-fun-allowed-police with some silly mechs and micsabers? (yes, you heard it right, micsabers). Seriously?

So, who would have thought at the beginning of the season that this series would turn out to be THAT good?

Hell, yes it's been totally underrated. And it has many haters. Wait, why? The point is, there is no particular reason for it - haters gonna hate.

And this is really unfair. We actually have a hidden gem here, a series that shines with some brilliant ideas, stunning production values (DAT background images, DAT light effects, DAT animation and DAT soundtrack = unmatched in anime industry ever before) and its metaphors on the real entertainment industry. The 'ridiculous' setting this series comes with has true meaning. If you don?t take it literal and inform yourself about what troubles the pop group AKB48 had to face in their first years, you will see how it all fits together perfectly. Anyway, handshake events? You think that was a stupid idea? Then tell this the manager of AKB48 - these happenings did take place in REAL LIFE. (Surprised? Yes I was. o_O)

Actually, the middle part was rather weak. They filled some time with fanservice and pseudo-plot, yet every episode was packed with this special charm, and also every episode did contribute a lot to building up plot, showing us this huge cast and let us watch characters develop.

I cannot say enough good things about AKB0048, because it was just that good.

I never have fanboy’d that hard for a series before. I rewatched every episode at least twice, AKB0048 was the biggest surprise of the spring anime season 2012 for me. My expectation was initially extremely low, but what I got in the end was by far the most exciting, awesome, dramatic and entertaining anime I have watched – for years.

Is this because of the awesome characters? The awesome insert songs? The awesome background arts? The awesome concert scenes? The awesome soundtrack?

Hell, I can't wait for this single OST anime, from ABK48 Unit Sub named as No Name released now on 1st august, i think it would be a best seller on any selling chart. Just like my other fav anime K-ON!

I still can’t believe how much I liked this series in the end. Even I can’t fully explain why AKB0048 was so enjoyable, so much fun to watch. Thank you Kawamori and Satelight for delivering this epic Space Opera Action series!

And the best thing of all is:


Since AKB0048 last episode aired a few days ago, now i can back concentrate to my F1 game and done my pc rig.

Fuck, 2013 can’t come soon enough. So why the hell are you even reading this now, when you should have been watching the first episode of AKB0048 already?

Seriously, go and watch AKB0048. You don’t know how much fun you are missing out, if you neglect this awesome series. Go and watch it – NOW!

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