Saturday, April 21, 2012

An elementary teacher ask the students to write one of the world miracle they can remember..

An hour after that the children give the papers where they wrote things down, some of them wrote : Piza Tower, Borobudur, wall of china. But one girl scratch her head and didnt write anything down, the teacher come and ask..

Dear, u dont remember anything at all?

The little girl rise her head and say

I confuse which one to write first? Is it a smile on my face? My eyes to see beautiful things? My mom and dad? My dog that loves me? My feet that can walk? My ears to listen a beautiful songs? Im confuse which one to write first.

The teacher look at her and say..

My dear.. Indeed why dont u write ur name there? Ur one of the miracle.

My friends. Sometimes we looking for stuffs and things beyond us and forget that we are miracle..
We forget how to thanks...


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