Friday, December 02, 2011

Montreal, Canada. Season 1, Race 7.

After bad result on Monaco last race, I felt a little nervous for this race. On practice season, we have a new compound to be test, to increase car's downforce to get more speed on straight line, team giving a time to beat, so the enginer preparing two different setup, but i dunno what's wrong with the car, it felt like don't want to speeding and at the corner rear tyre feels like grinding. My time haven't much change with the second setup too. And Adrian have a good time, he's on P12 mean while i'm on P16 on the end of the practice season.

practice and qualifying result
On qualy, not much change even i use thesuper soft tyre set, but at least we can break into season two qualifying, but that all we can i just moving 1 grid from my practice season, so i start from P15 tommorow, mean while Adrian got P13.

race screenshot
On race day, team decide to not use the new compound for a while, just like Adrian car, because the weather forecast says that the race will interupted by rain. On the start i use a half of my KERS power to catching up the front car, so at first turn and second one's i got P8 between Hamilton and Button, and then pushing my car to the limit to get Alguesuari and Schumacher, and i dunno with both McLaren car's they look strugling. At the middle race the rain came up, i dunno what laps it is but i remembered it after my second pit, rainy race with soft tyre and, well the rain isn't hard but the track is getting wet so easily so, for several times i got my rear tyre is slip but i still can control my steer, and then team call me for tyre change they has preparing the intermediate tyre, a rainy race and the other car's is on long gap so, i just geting to drive save and maintain the gap, and i ended the race at P6 mean while Adrian got P8 and Webber as the winner in front of his team mate Vettel.

Not a bad result and thankfully i'm back on my pace. A great day i think.

after race result

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