Saturday, November 12, 2011

Race 5, Circuit de Catalunya

Season 1, Race 4. Catalunya, SPAIN

Practice season result
After a great result at Turkey last race, team has a good confidance for this race. And Mr. Vijay says "Well done" and he also promising me that if i can stay fokus like this my seat in Force India is abselutly save, so glad knowing that i will have another season on this team.

Practice season, not much i can say, car feels good, setup suit with track condition, even i run with medium compound tyre and mix 2 engine setup, i still can manage on top ten at the table result. But sadly on Adrian's time, look like he having problem with his car setup, his best position is on P18 even he use soft compound on his tyre.

Qualifying season result
Qualifying season, all day is showered with rain, can't have a maximum performence on condition like this, so we had to save our engine for the race day, coz we use used engine from the last race at Turkey, we just looking for a save place now, i got P18 while Adrian got P15 for the race start, and Hamilton taking the pole with 1:22.612 as best lap time.

Racing day, team says i will use prime tyres (medium compound) on start meanwhile Adrian use optional tyres (soft compound) so i will came in a bit late on pit stop from the others. Start begin, i quckly i use a half of my KERS so i can reach my max speed, gained some position on first turn chicane, i almost hit one of Williams rear wing, but  still can manage my braking and take his left on stright line, on turn two dueling with Torro Rosso, driving on his right side to pushing my car on tinside lin and push him out from the line, so i can reach a gap on turn three. After a fiew lap, i got problem with the KERS wen crossing the star/finish line, "KERS is offline" radio says, i try to manage my time with pushing engine to mix 3 seting so i can maintain my gap from the car behind, after 2 laps KERS is back online, but i still use mix 3 to get closing with front car.

Race screen capture

On lap 17 if i'm not wrong, there is an accident that make safty car launched, team says it Vettel and Button who had crashing and also make Barrichello DNF on pit garage, so i catching up to get joined with the others car it take a lap to joining, coz the gap is was about 30 or 40 second. We were about 5 or 7 lap behind SC, to giving time to clean up the track. i was on P5, so i was thinking that i will looking a good chance when SC came in to pit. But sadly when SC came in, it was coincides with my pit lap, so when SC is back to pit line it was me and Nico Rosberg who came in for changing tyres, the Mercedes pit crew is a bit faster on action, so i came out behind Nico on P18, spending a few laps behind Nico i got a good chance on  last cichane, he's a bit wide when trying to over take a Virgin car so i use this to overtake him and then Ambrosio's on start/finish line and ont turn 3 i also overtake Lotus car, useing a set of fresh soft compound i push my car as fast as i can, and presume condition from who's haven't pitting after Safty Car convoy, and gaining some place to catch P9. Mean while Mark give another victory for Red Bull and again Adrian had another DNF races, it a shame that we cant optimized the SC condition, but still this is a race sport, there no specific strategy to have a  good result, there will be an unpredictable situations.

Next is Monaco series, can't wait.

Here is the after race result:
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