Saturday, November 26, 2011

Monte Carlo, Monaco. Season 1, Race 6.

Here it is, the most glamoreus F1 race. Monaco, hop i got the very best result here. And i have a new helmet, still with red, white and black color stripes with a sponsor sticker also, but just Arai that is my sponsor, the other is team's sponsors. Thank for ML2166 who designed this helmet for me.

On practice season, we had a bit problem with the car setup, not just for me but also for Adrian's car. I still strugling with the steer handling. And near the end of the season i broke my left front wing, so team said to canceling my lap and return to garag, makes me endede on P19 mean while Adrian on P14.

On the qualy first season, it's getting worse, well at the beggining i can reach the top 10, but middle season the car feels oversteer on everywhere, and at the end of the first season i hit the wall, i had to get out of my car so the steward can remove my car, because it blockade the circuit, so i ended up on P22, mean while Adrian got P11 for start, what a shame.

The race day, i dunno where i have to start the story, start from P22 grid, it really cruel at the firs corner lot of a car there. so at the first corner team said that there is a collision behind me, not long enough there is yellow flag on sector 1 and sector 3, after a minutes there is a collision that make safty car deployed, after some laps we back racing, well it always repeated like that and i dunno who is got DNF and whatever, after my 4th pit i feels that my car is getting hard to controlled, i always got wide on some fast corner and i ended after hitting the wall. That damn wall, this is my first time that i can't finish my race, what a day....

Hope tomorrow, Montreal give me luck.

after race result

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