Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Practice season and result
Istambul, Turkey. Season 1, Race 4.

After bad result at china last race, i came with passion i have to got finished on big 10, it's a pay day!

On practice season 1 all we done is testing the grip and suspension,we had to increase car's top speed, coz this circuit is having a long stright line. At the second season, we began to adjust car setup for race and qualy condition, coz the weather forecast says that race will cloudy but we cant do a lot, we have to save the enggine for the race day. On last practice season we got the ideal setup and end up on P8 but unfortunately after finished my lap, at the first cichane my rear left tyre got sliped on the grass and i got lost control on rear tyres, the car is going to wall but lucky there is a gravel trap so the car didn't hit the wall just grazed on it. Thanks God for it.

Qualifying result
Qualifying, not much insiden a quiet season i think, gained enough speed on the car i got P6 on the grid tomorrow, sad for adrian, he looks strugling with his car, he event can't pass for the second season and stuck on P17. Vettel got pole and Hamillton is right behind him the gap is just 0.001 second and fernando on P3 congrats for them.

Race day, wheather look cloudy and team hope is i can reach big 5 coz Adrian looks can't reach the team objectives. So race begin, on the start i'm chose not to use the KERS emidietly, Mark is on my right side on the first corner and i took inside line to overtake the his 5th position, duel with Filipe for several laps, i got chance to overtake him at the second cichane on sector 2, took him from the inside line with DRS help on the stright line, keeping my pace to the best condition before my first stop Lewis looks have a problem with his tyre and make me easily overtake him on the long stright line, and maintine the distance from him but cant getting closer to the race leader Vettel.

Race screen capture
After changing to prime tyres, i got behind Senna teams say that he haven't stop for tyre yet, so i keep beheind him and looking for chance on the stright line to overtake him. avter several laps back to P2 position, looks like cant pursuit Vettel car the distance is 30 second so i try my best to defence my position and play save, at last stop having  problem with the radio, i contact team to give me option tyre to increase more grip coz car behind is getting closer within 5 second from me, but on pit they give me a set of prime tyres. had no chance so i keep the enggine use Mix 3 setting to increas the speed.

No radio contact with the team after last pit i getting worried coz i don't know how close is car behind and distance between me and the race leader, 5 laps remaining the radio has back to work, team say they still don't know what happen with the radio and informing that Button is 4 second right behind me and keep faster a half second from my time, looks like he using option tyres and the race leader is really far away, i was 1 minutes and 15 second behind him. What the hell, how can he so fast like that, but i dont care, now what i must do is to keep this position and take my second podium, so i use all i have on the car, at the last lap i finished on P2 and Button at P3, 3 second behind me.

After race

So Ecstatic, feels that i'am is the race winner, i keep thinking how can Vettel so far away like that is he having a help from a ginnie? But still, after a bad race on Chinese GP this is a great relief, well see you in Catalunya.

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