Saturday, October 08, 2011

 My first race at f1 circus, Melburne Australia.

I'm so happy that Mr.Vijay chose me as his second driver on his F1 team Force India, lot of surprise, not just for me but also for the media. They say that Force India made a gamble for choosing me as their driver, and yeah for a new comer like me, that I instantly make up a contract with mediocore team as Force India, it a big gamble.

So came to australia with a big question for the media, and yeah, news about me on newspaper without a foto of me, just get a little collom on bottom left. But who cares, i'm here for racing not became a celeb by the way. So i put my objective at least i finish in front of the Williams, althought my team just giving a bit lower objective, atleast finish on P15 on qualy and P12 or above in the race.

The freday is come, i have to make a lot discusion with the engginer and my head engginer Andy Knight. At FP1 it's a disaster, not to familiar with the new steering wheel make me slower than the other car and the disaster came up on lap 5th. i lost my front wing coused by hitting the wall, coz i forget to turn off the DRS in beetwen 2nd and 3rd corners, its so damn stupid! How can that happening, wasting 5 or 6 minutes to resetup and change the front wing, i ended up in 21th place.

FP2 i'm now a bit easy controlling these new steering wheel, Andy make an improvement on the car seup, make the car more easier with my driving style and testing the enggine mapping mix 3. Car feels better, but still not enough to chasing the williams, i end up on 18th place, now i'm really frustating for sure.
FP3 not much better i told Andy make the downforce bigger and abit under steer on the car setup. I wanna rock this car with late braking, and yeah i can end this season on P15 with the medium tyres, and almost having no accident, great day i think.

The Qualyfing time's. With the last setup and changing the tyre to soft compound i think i'll having a blast today. But the troubel is comming through, i'm slower the Barrichello's time, and the bad thing is my best time is on P16. Damn! So i got preparing for another lap time and the nightmare is came by. While taking lap time, Buemi has finished his lap time and becamo as the traffic car on the line, i got collision with him. He's not get out away from the racing line while i come with full speed DRS wide open and also i using my KERS. 200 meters before corner, he make a accelaration and braking to early but he stil on my racing line. I break and pushing away my steer from him as fast as i can but unfortunately my left fronting is touch his right rear tyre, and team radio's says that the steward giving me a penalty for cousing a collison and dangerous driving, i got 10 place penalty. Damn! So i cancelling my lap time and driving to the garage, i says what i see on the track to the team, they protest to steward but its no use, steward still giving me a penalty. Got mad so i came off from the car and back to my trailer with lot of mad. So ridiculous!!

The race. Starting from P24 its really not a great debut for me. So after consulting with Andy and Mr.Vijay, team give me a different strategy, i use medium compound on the start so i can stay longer when the other team is pitting for changeging tyres.

Start begin, I immediately step on the gas and using my KERS to cathing up the other cars, getting of the Hispanian and the Virgin teams, at the first corner i got the Lotus cars, and the second corner there is collisions, i don't know witch car 'coz i taking the inside from the corner so i got 10th place at the moment and i see that Renault is behind me catching me up, and Schumacher from the Mercedes is on front of me, trying to get closer to Michael but all i got is i'm getting loose him and catched up by the Renault driver, teams tells that its Petrov right behind me then Senna and Kobaysahi.

After a few laps, it time for them to get pitting for tyre, while i keep running, i got 5th place and Button is behind me after he get the new tyre. Not much laps, it's my turn to get change, while pitting i also praying hope that i'm not get kicked out from big 10 place, so when the lolipop man giving clear track i step on the gas, and ended up on 10th place right in front one of Ferrari's driver Felipe Massa,. I'm took defense driving but getting strugling to keeping out from his DRS area, so in last corner he get me on and getting far away from me at start-finish line. When i thinking that i'll not having any point on my debut, radio cames up and tells that i'm on 10th place coz one of McLaren's car is pitting to get new front wing. So i'm keeping push my car and change the enggine map to mix3, but i don't know why i' keep getting slowly and radio tells that Kobayashi is right behend me an tell me for sure to defend my posision. So having fight with Kamui, he's faster enough and i still can't use my DRS coz these silly rule, so i cut every inside line of the corner to make sure that he not having enough space to take me. On last lap, radio tells that webber just finished race as the race winner, so having this last lap keep fighting to make sure that i taking home this single point with me on the last corner, well i got slip but thank goodness car still on the track and forcing Kamui for slowing his car. Have a chance i use my last KERS to getting away and crossing the finish line on P10. Incredible race i think, starting from P24 and finished on P10 teams satisfied with my perfomence, so do i.
after race
A hard weekend but still a great weekend. :)

Here is the result:

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