Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome to Malaysian Grand Prix....

My second race at my first season as F1 driver. So excited, coz Malaysia is near from my home ground Indonesia. Wishing for the best result on here.

that's my new helmet
I got an email from my manager Sabine, oh yeah i forgot to introduce her. Sabine Walker, she is my manager i great one. She had a really great work to get me here, racing on the top class with Force India. Anyway she mailed me that she had speak with Mr.Vijay and they give me an objective, finish on P15 on qualy and P12 or above on the race day. Oh i almost forgot, she give me a new helmet for this race, she said that this is a special race coz it's near from my ground home it's black-red stripes with white, like Kimi's helmet from a distance. Well the helmet is still devoid of sponsors by the way, i still haven't any personal sponsors here.
Free practice. Andy told me that the engginer team have 3 different setup for me to make a test with the new front wing compound for the R&D project. So at the first day i got a new set of front wing and trial setup, taking a view lap the new compound isn't good enough, so team make a view change on car setup and resetup the new compound. The cars feel so understeer, but still can finished the time objective. Finally the last setup, with combination compound on the wings, suspension feel a bit hard but more stabil on stright line and the cichane, team's call for pitting they changed tyre to soft compound and tell me to used mix 3 on enggine map. And yeah, a solid setup i think, got a great lap time now on, finished on P4 at FP3.

Qualifying. The weather is really bad, so rainy when we preparing the car on garage, then nightmare is come, two minutes before qualy weather forecasts said that hard rain will come in 5 minutes, not a good day i think. I cant say much here, i got P9 on start mean while Adrian got P6, i think we're luck for this time, we all got top ten on the start grip tommorow.

Race day. Weather looks cerah, a good to racing for me, as usual taking a warm up lap, we get ready for the light. on start i langsung use KERS to get me on front place and taking the inside line on turn 1, i just see one mcLaren  take a lead from two Ferrari'sond turn 1 the got inside beetwen the Ferrari's and took another KERS to chasing Ferrari car on front, radiio said that he is Fernando and Felipe and Adrian is right behind me. On turn 4 really close with Fernando but he lock his posision on inside line, after a few lap get so close to him and got chance on turn 9, he take inside wide open on his right i take a late braking and cut his exit lane on that corner.

A few lap fighting with him, a weard thing happens, his front wing is damaged by it self, i dunno wahat happens, i never touch his wing by the way. Lost his front wing make him slowing, it my chance to getting away from Felipe. After last pit stop radio tells that Lewis is getting lack of fuel, its my chance i changging to mix 3 and staring to getting close to him, 5 laps remaining he start to slow down to concerve his fuel. Getting cleser and closer, i began to attack him, he get really strong defence, miracle come at turn 15 on 2 laps remaining, using KERS and DRS i got his back, closing to the last corner i take his inside i can see my front left tyre locked coz a bit late to brake on that high speed. On last lap i was nervous, this is my first time have a lead and it's happen on last lap, had widened on turn 8, luckily i still can manage steer and safe from debris, and Lewis posistion is still on behind me. And finally i cross that checked flag as the first driver, unbelivable and unforgoten momment. Like i said, a bright day to start a race, dunno what to say this is a great day.

Here is the after race result.

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