Sunday, October 23, 2011

Welcome to Chinese F1 2011 Grand Prix...

My 3rd GP on this season. China Drand Prix.
The team has made some improvement on our new front wing, and this weekend we had to setup the splitter to increase downforce with this new compound.

Practice and Qualy result
Free practice, we make a lot simulation on this new front wing, but sadly on 2nd and 3rd practice season weather is so unwell, its rainny cant make any improvement with this condition.  I got P18 and Adrian got P17.

Qualifying, wheather is great, make a lap time but i dunno what happen the car feel not good enaugh, so Andy  make a change on wings setup, but still can't run faster meanwhile Adrian have a great day, he will start at front row, yeah he got P2 and while i stuck on P18, far away from my qualy objective on P12, so depresed.

Race day, the wheater getting crazy, all along day is rainny so engginer change the car setup to wet race. On start, i got a good start take inside line on first corner gainning to P11 place, but not long enough, Button and Filipe right behind me and keep closing and looking for a chance to take me off, and what their want is come, i make a mistake at last corner, to much speed i got understeer, and then Button take it easily. At next 2 lap Felipe catch me at long straight line, not long enaugh i make other mistake, got wide on the first corner make my tyres covered up by grass and make it so slippery, on turn 2 i got slip while Kamui and Perez in behind me, they overtake me, on the end of lap i come to pit to get this dirty tyres changed.

The Race Screen Capture

After Race
Look like i’m not the only ones who get really bad day, i saw Fernando and Nico not much different from me, Nico gets collision Lotus car, and i dunno what happen with Fernando, coz what i know is he haveing battle one of Redbull and McLaren’s car, meanwhile Felipe duel with Button. At the end, i finished at 16th and Fernando 2 cars in front of me at 14th, and the race winner is Lewis meanwhile Adrian got 5th place right behind of Vettel.

Not a good weekend for me, but still the important thing is team get some point in here, i’m happy for Sutil.

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