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Remembering IL. Nommensen, the Apostle of Batak Land

Hundreds of Germans people mingled with Indonesian citizens commemorate 150 years of the presence of Christian missionary in the land of Batak Protestant Germany (1861-2011). Commemoration made ​​on Friday (7 / 10) in a small town west of Wuppertal Germany, hometown missionary Dr. Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen prior to evangelize to the Batak lands and succeeded in laying the foundations of the establishment Batak Protestant Christian (HKBP).
Dr. I.L Nommensen
While in Indonesia, a series of worship or thanksgiving celebration called the Feast of 150 Jubileum Year is being celebrated throughout HKBP church in their respective territories. Planned, the peak national celebrations will be held on December 4, 2011 at Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta.

For the Batak, Nommensen not just carriers of religious figures. His name is known as a reformer who succeeded in laying the foundations of the education sector, economic, and health in the Land of Batak. Noted, Nommensen had established 510 schools with 32,700 pupils of people, in various regions in North Sumatra, among others, in Balige, Tarutung, Siantar, Sidikalang, Samosir, and Ambarita. Each visit villages, Nommensen also always carry the medicine box, and tried to cure various diseases of local communities.

Nommensen born in Nordstrand, Denmark is now entered German territory on February 6, 1834. He died in Sigumpar, Samosir Toba, North Sumatra on May 23, 1918.

Ingwer Ludwig Nommensen, better known as the greeting Nommensen was a prominent German missionary who had founded the largest church denomination's in Indonesia, namely HKBP.

HKBP stood on October 7, 1861 at Pearaja, Tarutung, North Tapanuli. HKBP is the largest church among the Batak, including among the Protestant churches throughout Indonesia.

Currently, HKBP had a congregation of approximately five million people, scattered throughout the world. Outside the country, several churches HKBP also been developed. As in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Colorado, Tokyo, Germany, and elsewhere. However, despite using the name of Batak, HKBP also open to other races.

Nommensen had a neat story embedded in every Batak society, especially the sub-ethnic Toba. Without him, the Batak believed there would not be able to compete in the middle of the majority tribe in Indonesia today. No wonder the name immortalized Nommensen eventually became the name and symbol of the school, from kindergarten through university.

So glorious, the Batak people confer even the Apostle calls (in Batak language called Apostel) for Nommensen. In fact, as the Apostles in Christianity, is only given to the 12 disciples of Jesus.

Not too much, the title apostle is pinned to the Nommensen very feasible given him. Not for the cult Nommensen, but respect his work is evident in the life of the Batak people. Nommensen has become history for the Batak people.
Friday, October 28, 2011

F1 2011 Chinese GP

Welcome to Chinese F1 2011 Grand Prix...

My 3rd GP on this season. China Drand Prix.
The team has made some improvement on our new front wing, and this weekend we had to setup the splitter to increase downforce with this new compound.

Practice and Qualy result
Free practice, we make a lot simulation on this new front wing, but sadly on 2nd and 3rd practice season weather is so unwell, its rainny cant make any improvement with this condition.  I got P18 and Adrian got P17.

Qualifying, wheather is great, make a lap time but i dunno what happen the car feel not good enaugh, so Andy  make a change on wings setup, but still can't run faster meanwhile Adrian have a great day, he will start at front row, yeah he got P2 and while i stuck on P18, far away from my qualy objective on P12, so depresed.

Race day, the wheater getting crazy, all along day is rainny so engginer change the car setup to wet race. On start, i got a good start take inside line on first corner gainning to P11 place, but not long enough, Button and Filipe right behind me and keep closing and looking for a chance to take me off, and what their want is come, i make a mistake at last corner, to much speed i got understeer, and then Button take it easily. At next 2 lap Felipe catch me at long straight line, not long enaugh i make other mistake, got wide on the first corner make my tyres covered up by grass and make it so slippery, on turn 2 i got slip while Kamui and Perez in behind me, they overtake me, on the end of lap i come to pit to get this dirty tyres changed.

The Race Screen Capture

After Race
Look like i’m not the only ones who get really bad day, i saw Fernando and Nico not much different from me, Nico gets collision Lotus car, and i dunno what happen with Fernando, coz what i know is he haveing battle one of Redbull and McLaren’s car, meanwhile Felipe duel with Button. At the end, i finished at 16th and Fernando 2 cars in front of me at 14th, and the race winner is Lewis meanwhile Adrian got 5th place right behind of Vettel.

Not a good weekend for me, but still the important thing is team get some point in here, i’m happy for Sutil.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Formula 1 Schedule

Schedule Formula 1 at Global TV Indonesia live broadcast:

1. Australia GP

  • Sunday, 27 March 2011
  • Live, 13.00 WIB
  • download F1 2011 GP Australia (coming soon)

2. Malaysia GP

  • Sunday, 10 April 2011
  • Live, 15.00 WIB
  • download F1 2011 GP Malaysia (coming soon)

3. China GP

  • Sunday, 17 April 2011
  • Live, 13.30 WIB
  • download F1 2011 GP China (coming soon)

4. Turkey GP

  • Sunday, 8 Mei 2011
  • Live, 19.00 WIB
  • download F1 2011 GP Turkey (coming soon)

5. Spain GP Catalunya

  • Sunday, 22 Mei 2011
  • Live, 19.00 WIB
  • download F1 2011 GP Spain (coming soon)

6. Monaco GP

7. Canada GP

8. Eropean GP Valencia

9. Great Britain GP

10. German GP 2011

11. Hungary GP

12. Belgium GP

13. Italian GP

  • Sunday, 11 September 2011
  • Live, 19.00 WIB
  • download F1 2011 GP Italy (coming soon)

14. Singapore GP

15. Japan GP

16. Korean GP

17. India GP

18. Abu Dhabi GP

19. Brazil GP

Sunday, October 16, 2011

F1 2011 Malaysia GP

Welcome to Malaysian Grand Prix....

My second race at my first season as F1 driver. So excited, coz Malaysia is near from my home ground Indonesia. Wishing for the best result on here.

that's my new helmet
I got an email from my manager Sabine, oh yeah i forgot to introduce her. Sabine Walker, she is my manager i great one. She had a really great work to get me here, racing on the top class with Force India. Anyway she mailed me that she had speak with Mr.Vijay and they give me an objective, finish on P15 on qualy and P12 or above on the race day. Oh i almost forgot, she give me a new helmet for this race, she said that this is a special race coz it's near from my ground home it's black-red stripes with white, like Kimi's helmet from a distance. Well the helmet is still devoid of sponsors by the way, i still haven't any personal sponsors here.
Free practice. Andy told me that the engginer team have 3 different setup for me to make a test with the new front wing compound for the R&D project. So at the first day i got a new set of front wing and trial setup, taking a view lap the new compound isn't good enough, so team make a view change on car setup and resetup the new compound. The cars feel so understeer, but still can finished the time objective. Finally the last setup, with combination compound on the wings, suspension feel a bit hard but more stabil on stright line and the cichane, team's call for pitting they changed tyre to soft compound and tell me to used mix 3 on enggine map. And yeah, a solid setup i think, got a great lap time now on, finished on P4 at FP3.

Qualifying. The weather is really bad, so rainy when we preparing the car on garage, then nightmare is come, two minutes before qualy weather forecasts said that hard rain will come in 5 minutes, not a good day i think. I cant say much here, i got P9 on start mean while Adrian got P6, i think we're luck for this time, we all got top ten on the start grip tommorow.

Race day. Weather looks cerah, a good to racing for me, as usual taking a warm up lap, we get ready for the light. on start i langsung use KERS to get me on front place and taking the inside line on turn 1, i just see one mcLaren  take a lead from two Ferrari'sond turn 1 the got inside beetwen the Ferrari's and took another KERS to chasing Ferrari car on front, radiio said that he is Fernando and Felipe and Adrian is right behind me. On turn 4 really close with Fernando but he lock his posision on inside line, after a few lap get so close to him and got chance on turn 9, he take inside wide open on his right i take a late braking and cut his exit lane on that corner.

A few lap fighting with him, a weard thing happens, his front wing is damaged by it self, i dunno wahat happens, i never touch his wing by the way. Lost his front wing make him slowing, it my chance to getting away from Felipe. After last pit stop radio tells that Lewis is getting lack of fuel, its my chance i changging to mix 3 and staring to getting close to him, 5 laps remaining he start to slow down to concerve his fuel. Getting cleser and closer, i began to attack him, he get really strong defence, miracle come at turn 15 on 2 laps remaining, using KERS and DRS i got his back, closing to the last corner i take his inside i can see my front left tyre locked coz a bit late to brake on that high speed. On last lap i was nervous, this is my first time have a lead and it's happen on last lap, had widened on turn 8, luckily i still can manage steer and safe from debris, and Lewis posistion is still on behind me. And finally i cross that checked flag as the first driver, unbelivable and unforgoten momment. Like i said, a bright day to start a race, dunno what to say this is a great day.

Here is the after race result.
Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sniper: Ghost Warrior review

Sniper: Ghost Warior cover
Snipers are some of the deadliest and most frustrating soldiers to deal with in shooters, so it's very appealing to be the one behind the scope in Sniper: Ghost Warrior. The trouble is that a lot of design miscues by developer City Interactive make it almost as aggravating to play a sniper here as it is to try to avoid the insta-kill headshots that snipers deal out as bad guys in other first-person shooters. Maddening difficulty, irritating enemy AI that hides its stupidity by being prescient, and terrible stealth mechanics make the game as annoying as a mosquito in your bedroom. Only sharp jungle visuals, cool slow-mo camera effects that let you get up close and personal with bloody headshots, and a somewhat promising multiplayer save the game from being a total disaster.

The story behind the Sniper: Ghost Warrior campaign deals with some kind of revolt in a banana republic. Details are sparse, with you being filled in on a need-to-know basis through brief orders from HQ during missions, but it seems like the bad guys have taken over this tropical paradise and the Yanks are on the way to restore order. Faster than you can say "Hey, that's just like what Reagan did with Grenada!" you've got your boots on the ground as a Ghost Warrior, an elite covert operative with a sniper rifle and a plan. Well, you've got to assume there's a plan behind all of it. You're given clear orders in the levels and sent off to kill various baddies, rescue captives, mark targets, secure data, and clear out bases. You're also ordered to cover assault operations marked off by onscreen dots and a gauge that tracks distance from goals, but you're never given the whole picture aside from random tidbits about drugs and a nuclear program.

Individual mission objectives are quite varied. While the majority of the game focuses on traditional sniper duties, like shooting sentries in the head via your telescopic sights, some levels mix in stealth and others deal with straight-out shooter carnage that is all about going to town with the budda-budda-budda stuff. At times, you bounce around to different parts of battlefields, seeing how fights play out from different angles. One moment, you're on a tower taking out enemy snipers to protect an incoming assault team. The next, you're part of that assault team, shooting up all and sundry. Levels feature lush jungles, ancient ruins, sandy beaches, and tin shacks, making your sniping exploits look a bit like clips from somebody's slides during an off-the-beaten-path vacation in Cuba. That's not to say that Sniper: Ghost Warrior is on Crysis' level (there are some real rough edges, like extremely blocky shadows), although the game looks more than respectable, even featuring a slow-mo bullet cam whenever you make a headshot or kill two enemies with one pull of the trigger. An array of jungle noises and Spanish enemy chatter further build a Caribbean atmosphere, although the audio is marred by chintzy weapon sounds. 

…that tracks the bullet from the barrel of your rifle
to the bad guy's face. It's just a shame that this is
the most satisfying part of the entire game.
While the different styles of gameplay and scenic locales keep things fresh, nothing is pulled off particularly well. Regular sniper chores are the most enjoyable part of the game because they're straightforward and offer that peculiar shooter satisfaction that comes from turning an enemy's head into a red geyser from a mile away. If you dial up the difficulty, you have to deal with wind, heart rate, breathing, and gravity whenever you hold down the right mouse button to squint into your sight, too. It's all a bit extreme, though. Environmental effects are ramped up way too high. The sight jerks all over the place with your breathing, even when you're holding down the shift key to focus in on a target. Sneaking around is even more annoying than shooting. The game tracks how hidden you are from prying eyes with a meter that clears when you're skulking through the jungle and climbs into the red when you're spotted by an enemy. It's a solid idea but poorly implemented. Cover isn't tracked well either. Sometimes you're spotted when you're buried in jungle; sometimes you're invisible behind a couple of weeds or a thin tree that even Paris Hilton couldn't hide behind. Even worse, you're often totally blind behind a bunch of big green leaves although enemies can see you perfectly and fill you full of holes.

And then there are moments when Sniper: Ghost Warrior descends into utter stupidity. Much of the game is plagued by terrible enemy AI, which is most notable in the shoot-'em-up sections. Sentries freeze in place, get stuck running into walls and rocks, and sometimes pause for a good three Mississippis before shooting even when they have you dead to rights. But, then, when they are smart, they're too smart. If one enemy is alerted, then sometimes everybody knows exactly where you are instantly. Allied AI is also bad, with squadmates that are absolutely worthless. They do little but stand out in the open firing shots that never seem to hit anything. Difficulty is all over the place. In numerous levels, you run into brick walls, thanks to insanely hard sequences where you have to kill a bunch of targets in no more than a handful of seconds (at one point while on a raft bouncing all over the place in choppy water) or one target with a perfect shot instantly. One level even ends with a ridiculous section where you have to run for a chopper while invisible enemies take shots at you; then, when you get through this deadly gauntlet, about a dozen enemies appear out of the brush out of nowhere to mow you down. 

A close-up look at the last seconds of this poor guy's life.
Many of these flaws are somewhat mitigated in multiplayer, where you don't have to deal with the AI issues or the crazy difficulty. The game's Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and VIP (one player is designated the VIP, which makes him a more valuable target) modes don't offer anything earth-shatteringly different from other shooters, but intricate maps with countless hidey holes and shadowy spots make matches intense. You have to be aware of your surroundings because enemies are tough to see unless you've gained a good high sniping position looking over the entire map. Even these locations don't allow for much camping because they're watched by experienced players and regularly cleared out with grenades. With that said, gameplay is an acquired taste and the learning curve is high. Until you really learn the maps, you spend a lot of time getting gunned down by enemies you never even see. It's too bad there is no cooperative option here because being able to play sniper-and-spotter with a buddy through a campaign against AI enemies would seem to be the best multiplayer option that a game like this could offer.

While Sniper: Ghost Warrior has a few pluses, they're hard to spot buried under the many design flaws that make the game one frustrating rumble in the jungle. It's awfully gratifying to line up a perfect kill and be rewarded with a bullet-time slow-mo sequence that shows what happened to the bad guy's head after you squeezed the trigger. But annoyances like the overly sensitive shooting, punitive stealth sequences, and insane difficulty spikes make the satisfying moments few and far between. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

F1 2011 Australia GP

 My first race at f1 circus, Melburne Australia.

I'm so happy that Mr.Vijay chose me as his second driver on his F1 team Force India, lot of surprise, not just for me but also for the media. They say that Force India made a gamble for choosing me as their driver, and yeah for a new comer like me, that I instantly make up a contract with mediocore team as Force India, it a big gamble.

So came to australia with a big question for the media, and yeah, news about me on newspaper without a foto of me, just get a little collom on bottom left. But who cares, i'm here for racing not became a celeb by the way. So i put my objective at least i finish in front of the Williams, althought my team just giving a bit lower objective, atleast finish on P15 on qualy and P12 or above in the race.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

F1 2011 The Game review

It's September 23rd 2010, the F1 draught finally ends following the release of F1 2010 by the Birmingham based Codemasters team. A fine game terrorized by some bad press and a few problems, nevertheless we gave it an 8 due to its innovative approach. It marked the first F1 game ever to include features like the press, car upgrades and a weather system that actually looks any good. Fast-forward 12 months and the cards have changed; Codemasters must now release f1 2011 - the sequel. Pressure tense as one year of additional development time and a strong base makes for high expectations. Have they delivered or is this one to forget? 

F1 2010’s paddock menu is swapped in favor of a more traditional menu with the F1 scene moved to the back – much improved. Gamers upgrading from the 2010 game will notice a new mode called proving grounds. This is nothing more than time trial, still with alien grip, and time attack. Time Attack put you in a pre-determined scenario without any options to alter the playing field. There’re only 6 challenges available right now, suggesting Codemasters doesn't believe in this mode much. 
Therefore career mode and online are still the ballpark this year. Career mode shifts you in the shoes of a beginning F1 driver. With 5 contract offers on the table, it's your job to impress the team and reward them by leaving for the likes of Ferrari or Mclaren. The Addams Family agent is gone and replaced by a neat motor home complimented by all the essentials. Immersion is the key variable this year - adding press clippings and an email system to keep things fresh. A nice move but changes are only skin-deep. Reputation still indicates what teams are interested and the press answers don’t influence the game much. Unfortunately beating a rival still grants you his seat - a silly sequence that hasn't ever occurred in real life. Fortunately drivers pushing beyond their weight can now at least keep the job despite failing to match the reputation points required. Fixes like these ensure that career mode ups last year's attempt despite being nowhere near satisfying. 

The tagline in F1 2011 is: "be the driver, live the life, go compete." The last bit is new this year and underlines the multiplayer side of the game. Multiplayer is divided into three bits: co-op, multiplayer, split-screen.
Split-screen is new this year and allows for a single or series of races together with a friend. Most of the settings are available but unfortunately practice or qualifying sessions aren’t possible. Graphics do take a hit, as does the driving mechanic. 
Therefore the preferred way of racing socially is doing a co-op season. Here you become teammates and have to fight for the top spot within the team. It's an intriguing concept because, while a team performance, in the end only one can win the championship. 
Multiplayer is the same as last year but the talented coders in Birmingham have added a few key differences. Spectator mode is new for people to view any online session while in the lobby. Weirdly this hasn’t converted to single player or works while in the garage. Arguably more important is the ability to add AI cars to complete the field to 24 cars total, of which 16 can be human cars. A much-appreciated improvement as last year races were prone to becoming a quick bore, especially if all other competitors chose to quit after the first corner. 
F1 2011 is definitely much more social and I love what they accomplished. With that said I still avoid public lobbies because it's just not safe out there. 

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

YUI ~Smile Like an Angel~

Yui Yoshioka
Why we must love YUI?

Ya, kenapa? kualitas suaranya? rata2 saja...
Ayumi Hamasaki, Miho Fukuhara, MISIA, Nishino Kana jelas di atasnya....
Cuteness? Come on! Senyum aja pelit...
Mana pendek bgt...
LIVE performance? labil....
ada yg bagus... ada yg cenderung gagal...

Jadi, kenapa banyak sekali YUI-lovers around these universe?
kenapa di Youtube banyak sekali yg nyoba meng-covers lagu2 YUI?
Kenapa Taeyeon, Nagasawa Masami ikut2an ngefans YUI?
kenapa fans2 yg ada cenderung menjadi sangat ngeFans (dg F besar) dan beberapa sampai sedikit depresi melihat PV YUI di Its My Life dan Hello?


Sunday, October 02, 2011

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