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HKBP Logos

The Batak Protestant Christian Church is the fruit of the work of the Rhineland Mission (Germany) which began to work in the Batak land of North Sumatra in 1861. The Batak people had strongly rejected earlier attempts to evangelize them. The history of the mission and the church cannot be separated from the person of I.L. Nommensen, "the apostle to the Batak people", who arrived in 1864 and stayed until his death in 1918 as ephorus of the church. One of his great insights was the use of indigenous workers. The first school for Batak evangelists was established in 1868. Already in 1881 a church order was introduced, which enabled the church to grow strong in organization and size. The HKBP became autonomous in 1930. From 1940 onwards it was entirely self-governing, self-sup-porting and self-propagating. Today it is the largest Protestant church in Indonesia, with congregations in many parts of the archipelago and also in other countries. 

The HKBP understands itself as a church of Christ, established by the work of the Holy Spirit, an organism that "lives from age to age and from generation to generation across the borders of continents, nations, races and languages". It is part of the universal church, holding to one baptism. It has its own confession, adopted in 1951, which is based on the holy scriptures, on the Apostles', Nicene and Athanasian creeds, the Reformation and more recent confessions like the Barmen Theological Declaration of 1934. According to the latest revision of its constitution, the HKBP has a vision of developing itself to be an inclusive, dialogical and transparent church that, together with other Christians and people of other faiths, strives for the improvement of the quality of life of the people in the light of the love of Jesus Christ, for the glory of God. The mission of the church is carried out through its three departments: Diakonia, Marturia and Koinonia. The main concerns are bringing the gospel to non-Christian people (e.g. among Javanese and Tamil in Medan, tribes in Riau, in areas of transmigration), providing social services (e.g. care for orphans, for the blind, for drop-outs), gender justice, schools (nursery, elementary, high schools and technical, 145 in all), hospitals and health centres, HIV/AIDS, environment, violence and poverty. 

Dr. I.L. Nommensen

An important institution of the HKBP is the Nommensen University which was opened in 1954, in response to the felt need for higher education in the new nation of Indonesia. It has, among many other colleges, a faculty of theology. The church also runs a theological seminary, a teacher-preacher school, a Bible women's school and a deaconess training school. 

It is the conviction of the HKBP that it is God's plan to save the Batak people in order to be a blessing for Indonesia in particular, and for the world in general. 
HKBP as one of the largest church congregation in Asia and is an institution of communion with other Christians who have a Batak tribal dynamics in the history of its development from time to time. With the end of the crisis and reunion HKBP congregation would be a booster for the implementation of the evangelistic ministry and together with other church Lord, that all tribes, peoples and nations in the territory of Indonesia and around the world received the baptism in the name of God the Father, Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Chronology / Remembered Day:

1825 – 1829 Bonjol War: Sir Rao attacked the Batak

1834: The arrival of Pdt. Munson and Rev.. Lyman American envoy Zending Kongsi (Boston), but they were both murdered in Lobupining.

1840: Junghun, an anthropologist came to the land of Batak. Through kedatanagannya Europeans can recognize the Batak.

1824: The first evangelist who came to the Batak land, the Burton and Ward

1849: Mr. Van der Tuuk of Amsterdam – Netherlands, Netherland envoy Kongsi Bible which is the opening (pioneer) zending service road to the Batak tribe. He translated some of the contents of the Bible into the Batak language, written language grammar and making Batak Batak language dictionary – Dutch and folklore.

1853: Due to the unsympathetic treatment of the tribe of priests Banjarmasin, then Dr. Fabri leader of the Rheinische Zending – Dutch memutasikan of the priests of the land of Batak Banjarmasin, after reading the letter that came from the Batak Land of the new evangelization initiated in Batak Land.

1857: Pdt. Van Asselt from Ermelo, Netherlands, envoy Ds. Witteveen, doing service in the village of Tapanuli Pardangsina (South)

March 31, 1861: As a sign of acceptance of evangelism in Batak Land begins with the first baptism performed by the Rev.. Van Asselt of two tribal Batak (Jakobus Tampubolon and Simon Siregar) in Sipirok.
October 7, 1861: Services of the German Rheinische Mission begins in the land of the Batak and birthday Huria Kristen Batak Protestant (HKBP), berundingnya marked with four missionary, Rev.. Heine, Pdt. J.C. Klammer, Pdt. Betz and Pdt. Van Asselt discuss zoning in Tapanuli services.

1862: The establishment of the Church in Sarulla and Pangalaon Pahae 

May 20, 1864: Pdt. I. L. Nommensen building in the hamlet Dame I, located in the Village Saitnihuta Ompu Sumurung, then called Godung Huta Dame.

May 29, 1864: Pdt. I. L. Nommensen service held the first week in Godung Huta Dame, and inaugurated the first church built in the Batak land, namely HKBP Saitnihuta (Huta Dame Saitnihuta) and HKBP Pearaja (The church is one committee in celebrating the Jubilee Festival. On May 20, 1964, HKBP Pearaja The party to celebrate the Jubilee of 100 years, but for the next, on May 29 is the official date of the Feast of Jubilee will be done by both the church).

December 25, 1864: Baptism First to 3 people in the church Sipirok, namely Thomas Siregar, Philip Harahap and Johannes Hutabarat.

August 27, 1865: Baptism First to 13 people in Silindung

1867: Founded the church HKBP Pansurnapitu

1868: Standing in the rough Teacher Sorat Sipirok: The first Disciple of 5 people, namely: Thomas, Paul, Mark, Johannes and Epraim. Their teacher is Dr. A. Schreiber and Leipold

1870: The beginning of the establishment of the Church in Sibolga and Sipoholon

- Established the Government Normal School in South Tapanuli
- Standing Stone Church in Bahal

1877: Founded Seminarium in Pansurnapitu, the number of students first 12 people

- Rev.. I. L. Nommensen translate the Gospel to the Batak Batak script and Latin alphabet.
- 306 villages in the Valley Silindung signed in the Dutch colonial administration

1879: Pdt. Dr. A. Schreiber translate the New Testament into the Batak language Angkola

- Officially opened in Balige HKBP.
- Formulation of the Basic Rules and Rules HKBP Household, and Rev.. Dr. I. L. Nommensen appointed Ephorus HKBP

1883: Reverend First School was opened and 4 of the first son to school Batak Priest, namely: Johannes Siregar, Mark Siregar, Nasution and Johannes Peter Sitompul. However, Sitompul Johannes died before completing his studies.

July 19, 1885: Blessing of the first priest in Batak Pearaja HKBP, namely: Johannes Siregar, Mark Siregar, Peter Nasution.

July 13, 1889: Sent RMG Miss Hester Needham (January 23, 1885 – May 12, 1897) serve the mothers and women. This became the beginning of service to women and children in the land of Batak. Miss Hester Needham service assisted by Miss Thora in Silindung and Ms. Nieman in Toba.

January 1, 1890: Publication of Immanuel Parsaoran (Journal of the Church)

January 8, 1890: Miss Hester Needham started serving children, women in Pansurnapitu, and helped guide the students in the Seminary School Pansurnapitu Pastor.

1893: School Zending receive subsidies from the Government

1894: The Old Testament translated into the language by the Rev. Batak. P.H. Johannsen

July 16, 1895: Miss Hester Needham Mandailing accompanied by a girl, Domi, a trip to Muarasipongi KOTANOPAN.

May 3-July 26, 1896: Miss Hester Needham served in MALINTANG, evangelize in the midst of other faiths in Mandailing Nametmet. July, Miss Hester Maga Needham served in until his death, and was buried in the land he had bought earlier.

1898: Publication for the first time the Church Calendar

1899: Started “Mission Pardonaion Batak” Christians founded and led by Rev. Batak. Henock Lumbantobing evangelise in areas not yet touched by the Gospel, namely: Pulo Samosir, Simalungun and Dairi.

1900: School Children Stand King with an introduction on the Dutch language narumonda Toba. Teachers and Rev. Pohing. Otto Marcks. Once stood in the same place Tukang School.

June 2, 1900: The establishment of Pearaja Hospital, who in 1928 moved to Tarutung (RSU Tarutung Now)
5 September, 1900: Stand Village Leprosy sufferers in Salem Laguboti Huta.

1901: moved to Pansurnapitu Seminary Sipoholon

- Preaching the Gospel to the Land Simalungun begins.
- School children in Narumonda became King Seminarium
- October 7 Feast of Christianity’s first warning in Batak Land.

1907: Founded the Church in Pematangsiantar

27 April, 1908: Today the Church in Sidikalang birth.

1911: Founded in HKBP District, namely: South Tapanuli (dh. Angkola), Silindung, Humbang, Toba (including Samosir), East Sumatra (Simalungun – Ooskust).

1912: First HKBP Reverend placed in Medan

1917: “Christen Hatopan Batak” standing in Tapanuli as organinasi society.

May 23, 1918: Pdt. Dr. I.L. Nommensen died in Sigumpar.

1918: Pdt. V. Kessel became official Ephorus until 1920

1919: Holland Inland School (HIS) Zending standing Narumonda

1920: Pdt. Dr. J. Ephorus Warneck HKBP elected.

- Reverend HKBP placed first in Jakarata
- Teacher Church HKBP placed first in the Valley
- June 20: General Synod (Synod GODANG) I in HKBP

December 3, 1923: Started in Hepata deacon ministry

- Standing in Tarutung Christian MULO
- Service to the people led by Dr. Young. E. Verwiebe. In June 1952 the Youth meeting in Sipoholon set to NHKBP, and the beginning of the week revival NHKBP (Parheheon)

1930: Applicable rules of the Church (AD and ART) are new.

June 11, 1931: HKBP government recognized by Legal Entity (Rechtperson) No. 48, which is written in the Government Gazette No. 1932 Year. 360

1932: Pdt. P. Landgrebe elected Ephorus.

-Standing Theological College in Jakarta, delegates first HKBP is: TS Sihombing, K. Sitompul, O. Sihotang and P.T. Sarumpaet.
- Reverend HKBP placed first in Kutacane, Land Alas.
-Standing School Bibelvrouw (Evangelist Women) in Zuster led Narumonda Harder Elfrieda. This school in 1938 moved to Laguboti.

1935: Ordination of the first Bibelvrouw

1936: Pdt. Dr. E. Verweibe elected Ephorus.

- May 10, all German priest who served in the Dutch government imprisoned HKBP
- In May to July Ds. de Kleine be Ephorus Officer.
- 10-11 July: Synod GODANG, Pdt. K. Sirait elected Voorzitter (Ephorus) the first of the Reverend Batak.

- Rev.. Justin Sihombing elected Ephorus.
- On 25 November stood Samosir District
- Java, Kalimantan district stood

1945: Independence of the Republic of Indonesia

- February 2: Standing Dairi District.
- School Teacher Huria (SGH) was reopened in Seminarium Sipoholon

1947: Stand back Seminarium School Pastor at Sipoholon

- 4 November: Standing Secondary School of Theology at Sipoholon
- Rev.. Justin Sihombing reelected to Ephorus HKBP and Ds. K. Sitompul became Secretary General of the Synod GODANG.

- University of Bonn conferred the title of “Doctor Honoris Causa” to Pdt. J. Sihombing.
- 29 November: District Sibolga Beridiri Aceh and Medan.
- Defined Synod HKBP GODANG Confession
- Standing in the Pematangsiantar HKBP Printing

- Standing high school and SGA in Tarutung
- HKBP a Member LWF (Lutheran World Federation)

- Rev.. B. Marpaung sent Zending Batak evangelize in the Mentawai Islands
- October 7: Inauguration of the Pematangsiantar Nommensen University, as well as the displacement of Pendidiakan Theological Seminarium Sipoholon to Pematangsiantar.
- November: Standing Hasundutan Toba District.
- December 15 Submission Rumash HKBP from the Government Hospital to HKBP.

- February 13: Standing Elim Orphanage in Pematangsiantar
- August 25: Standing at the Sipoholon Puteri School

March 17, 1957: Kirchentag (Kebatian Kingdom) in Pematangsiantar

1959: Pdt. Justin Sihombing be re-elected Ephorus HKBP and Ds. T.S. Sihombing became Secretary-General.

- Standing techniques in Pematangiantar School
- October 7: 100-year Jubilee in Tarutung HKBP

- 3-7 October: Special Synod on Seminarium GODANG Sipoholon
- Ds. T.S. Sihombing chosen as Ephorus and Ds. G.H.M. Siahaan became Secretary-General.
- Defined Rules Regulation (Ad & ART) new.

- Working Conference HKBP first.
- 1 September: Removing HKBP HKBP Simalungun be Simalungun Protestant Christian Church (GKPS).
- The beginning of evangelization in Sakai Kandis Riau.
- Courses of the first Mother Sipoholon.

- February 7: Inauguration of deaconesses Boarding HKBP “Capernaum” HKBP Hospital Balige.
- April 9: Bibelvrouw Boarding begins at Sinaksak Pematangsiantar use, and was officially opened on July 9, 1967.

February 6, 1966: Inauguration of Youth Center “Jetun SILANGIT”

2 April 1967: Inauguration of Peniel Hostel HKBP Hospital Balige

February 19, 1968: Inauguration of buildings in Guidance and Counseling at the University HKBP Nommensen Pematangsiantar.

- May 17: Education opened in Balige deaconesses.
- May 17: The first baptism to the people Rupat (Evangelism area) of the 136 people served by the Rev.. A.B. Siahaan, et al.
- December 11: Inauguration Boarding in Bethel and Bethany Hospital HKBP Balige.

- May 28: Inauguration of the Reverend Retirement Villages and the Office of Social Ministry in Pematangsiantar Diakonia.
- Defined Rules Regulation (ADT & ART) new
- December 30: Stand Pallet Land District

- University of Wittenberg conferred the title of “Doctor Hanoris Causa” Rev. arrival. T.S. Sihombing.
- July 31: Standing Asahan Labuhan Batu District
- Rev.. G.H.M. Siahaan elected and Rev. HKBP Ephorus. Dr. F.H. Band became Secretary-General.
- 2-3 November: 75-year Jubilee HKBP Zending.

- January 27: Inauguration of Education in Balige HKBP deaconess
- August 2: memandirikan HKBP HKBP Angkola.

- 23-27 January: Special Synod on Simanare GODANG Sipoholon
- Faculty Theologia HKBP University decided to Sekolah Tinggi Teologia (STT) HKBP.
- Rev.. P.M. Sihombing, MTh was elected as Secretary General of the HKBP

June 24, 1979: Inauguration of District Simarkata Pakpak

- June 11: Course Skills Parparean man standing in Porsea
- August 11: Skills Course Doloksanggul woman standing

- February 24: High Cliff District Persemian Deli
- August 28: First Ordination in HKBP deaconesses Balige

February 1985: Inauguration of Southern Sumatra District (Sumbagsel)

- January 27: Inauguration of Auditorium Seminarium HKBP Sipoholon
- July 27: Women’s Ordination at First HKBP Pastor, Rev.. P Norce Lumbantoruan, STh
- August 14: Opening Up Office in Pearaja Tarutung HKBP

- 27-31 June: Synod GODANG to 48
- Rev.. Dr. S.A.E. Nababan, lld. Ephorus HKBP elected and Rev.. O.P.T. Simorangkir, SmTh. Secretary-General.

- May 23: Standing Habinsaran Humbang District
- 10-15 November: The 49th Synod set GODANG Lines of Development Policy (GBKPP) HKBP

- 20 to 9 July: Youth Work Camp in Sipirok HKBP
- July 10 to 15: Conference on Youth in Sipirok
- June 18 to 21: Consultation of Theology in Parapat

9 to 12 April 1991: The Synod GODANG 50

23 to 28 November 1992: The Synod GODANG 51. There are 3 GODANG Synod agenda in this, namely; Settlement HKBP crisis, functionaries Period Rules and Regulations set (AD and ART) for the year 1992 HKBP s / d 2002. Synod had decided: Team Solution HKBP crisis and Rules 1992 – 2002 (AD) without Rules (ART). Selection HKBP functionaries did not happen, happened commotion and discord in the body HKBP to 1998.

11 to 13 February 1993: A Special GODANG Synod in Medan through Ephorus official invitation. At this Synod elected Pdt. Dr. P.W.T. Simanjuntak as Ephorus and Pdt. Dr. S.M. Siahaan as Secretary General.

- September 29-October 1: Synod GODANG to establish Rule 52 Rules (AD & ART) in 1994 to 2004.
- October 23: Inauguration of Indonesia Bagaian HKBP Eastern District (IBT)

- June 16 to 17: Synod GODANG HKBP Unification Autonomous and Simarkata Pakpak GKPPD
- 6 August: memandirikan HKBP Protestant Christian Church Pakpak Dairi (GKPPD)
- 24 September: Inauguration HKBP District of West Java, Central Java and Yogyakarta (Jabartendy)

- 17 – 22 November: 53 synod to discuss GODANG HKBP Confession

- 26 October – 1 November: Synod GODANG to 54 in Siantar / Balige.
- Rev.. Dr. J.R. Hutauruk Ephorus elected officials with the task of reconciliation held not later than six months.
- 17 November: a joint statement signed by Rev. Ephorus. D. Dr. S.A.E. Nababan, lld and Officers Rev. Ephorus. Dr. J.R. Hutauruk in Medan Sudirman HKBP Church, the Synod to determine reconciliation through GODANG Reconciliation date December 18 to 20.
- December 18 to 20: Synod on the Complex GODANG HKBP FKIP HKBP Nommensen Pematangsiantar University. Pdt. Dr. J.R. Hutauruk terpeilih as Ephorus and Pdt. W.T.P. Simarmata, MA was elected as Secretary-General

- July 26: National Conference HKBP at Jakarta Convention Center
- 21 – 24 Nopember: Synod on Seminarium GODANG Sipoholon nemetapkan “Basic Education Policy HKBP” (KDP-HKBP)

- September 30-October 1: The Synod of the Seminarium GODANG Sipoholon set Peratutan Rules (AD & ART) is a new, effective January 1, 2004, and District: 2 Jakarta, Riau Islands, Jakarta 3, Riau, Langkat, Land Area Java, Jambi.;
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